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29 May, 2018
23 July, 2018

Mobile VAS

Now, GDC is deploying mainly in the Myanmar market with VAS mobile services:


A2P SMS is a messaging solution for transaction, notification, order information verification, promotion and so on to mobile users in a short period of time with high reach efficiency.

Providing technology solutions and mobile services VAS (platform provider)

Combining with major technology partners in India, Portugal & the Philippines, GDC Myanmar is capable of providing more than 50 solutions and services for telecommunication, such as SMSC, Wap Gateway, SDP, CRBT, Tele voting, MMSC … Currently, SMS and Mobile Portal services are being developed successfully with networks MPT, MyTel by GDC in Myanmar.

Shwe Portal

Shwe Portal

This service is to help Myanmar users read aggregate news from more than 30 sources of news, listen to music and watch video clips online. Besides the attractive mini games, users can save up points to convert into gift right on the application.

Shwe Portal ranked the top of New App Free in Myanmar on Google Play in December 2016

The service can be experienced directly from wapsite or downloaded from Google play.


Content localization

Content localization

GDC has appeared in Myanmar since the country opened (May 2012). GDC is proudly a leading content provider and always holds the top position in terms of sales in this market since 2016. With the advantage of over 10-year experience in mobile VAS in Vietnam and local staff understanding Myanmar users, GDC Myanmar is providing mobile VAS services for two major network operators, MPT & MyTel; Typical services are like SMS info, My News ( …

MOU Contract of GDC Myanmar & Mobifone Global MOU with the attendance of  Former Minister Truong Minh Tuan (October 1977)


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