First educational project

GDC group workspace
29 May, 2018
23 July, 2018

First educational project

Chippy’s Friends and 12 Animal Designations – the first product of ARC company for children aged 3 to 9. Chippy Kid not only provides messages about childhood happiness but also builds and developes personality as well as explores the future of children.

The first character in Chippy Kid is a naughty and vivacious chick named Chip. Chip and children learn together through high education games awakening the curiousity and dynamism of the kids. Additionally, they also gain the cautious and awareness of time and space as well by taking care of the chip everday. Entertainment features are also included in the Kid Chippy. Parents no longer have to worry about how their children use smartphones in terms of time, purpose or content without any control. GDC hopes that Chippy Kid will make a significant breakthrough in new product and technology ideas not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.

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