23 July, 2018
23 July, 2018


Advertisement for real estate is much more visual than ever. Besides TVC 3D ads, consumers can experience virtual glass VR with lively models of real estate projects. They can also interact directly with materials, change colors and choose the deco style as well as the most appropriate type of furniture.

As for VR interactive villa project, customers can optionally mix objects  in real time


With successful projects at home and abroad, GDC is proud to be one of the leading virtual reality (VR) applications in Vietnam in the field of motion pictures for real estate. The strength of GDC is the combination among the experience of the architect team and understanding the needs of customers, combined with the power of technology; GDC has implemented a series of successful projects such as Pandora Trieu Khuc, Azure condomium, Colorado villa …

The typical illustrations of interactive real estate that GDC is implementing:

– 2D / 3D / 360 ° visual representation following the owner’s concept

– TVC advertisement for real estate projects (making 3d film architecture or using cast)

– Programming of  Reality Mix (XR), AR / VR interaction on PC / mobile / tablet platform.

Một số minh họa tiêu biểu:

Some typical illustrations:

Project Trieu Khuc Pandora, Hanoi, Vietnam (Android operating system)






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